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Gary Garritan Gofriller Solo Cello VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDR DYNAMiCS (depositfiles.com+uploaded.to)
[ ] 15.06.2008, 08:32


Gofriller Solo Cello is the latest software instrument from Garritan using the revolutionary 'harmonic alignment' process pioneered by Giorgio Tommasini. This Solo Cello software instrument, created by an Italian team in collaboration with Garritan, expands the company's solo instrument series following the release of Garritan Stradivari Solo Violin.

The Gofriller Solo Cello represents a major step forward in software musical instrument technology and provides a level of realism and expression never before heard in the industry. 'Following the success of the Stradivari Solo Violin, there has been great interest in other instruments using the same technology, says Gary Garritan. And more solo instruments are in development and will be available soon.'

Gofriller uses Kontakt 2 Player
This new instrument integrates the Native Instruments Kontakt 2 sample player and can be used as a standalone instrument, as a VST, DXi, RTAS or Audio Units plug-in, and can be used with supported notation programs like Finale 2007.

About Gofriller Cellos
Gofriller Cellos were made nearly three hundred years ago and are among the finest cellos ever made. They are particularly known for their rich and beautiful tone. Just as real Gofriller Cellos were so well made that they are considered the best of their type, Garritan wanted to produce a sample instrument library that would be the best cello library ever made. The finest instruments are the ones that will allow musicians to express themselves best, whether they are three hundred years old or in the form of today's software instruments.

Paradigm Shift: A Software Instrument You Play In Real-Time
The Gofriller Solo Cello is a true musical instrument designed to be played expressively, in real time. This instrument allows the user to play beautifully expressive and believable sound that can be PLAYED and PERFORMED as music, in real-time, rather than put together like a jigsaw puzzle or tweaked after the fact.

Thanks to "harmonic alignment" technology (developed & patent-pending by Giorgio Tommasini), and using specially devised convolution impulses for the body of the violin, using a technique developed & patent-pending by Giorgio Tommasini & Stefano Lucato, this sampled Gofriller Cello lets you seamlessly crossfade among dynamics ( pp to ff ), continuously control the onset, rate and speed of the vibrato, and shape articulations in real time.

"Harmonic Alignment" allows you to morph between samples. Morphing describes what can be seen in motion pictures where there is a gradual transformation from one image into another. First used in the Stradivari Solo Violin, this basic concept has been applied to sound samples allowing them samples to morph into each other seamlessly and hear authentic timbre changes as notes become louder or softer. Sophisticated modal resonance technology uses instrument body impulses and allows you to control the onset, intensity and rate of vibrato, impart portamento and much more. In addition, with the powerful AI midi processor you can change or create articulations in real time, change the type of attack or bow direction, impart legato, play trills & tremolo and have an infinite variety of playing possibilities at your fingertips. All this in real time

The result of these technologies is extraordinary levels of realism, expressiveness and virtusosic performance capabilities in a way that preserves the natural characteristics of the Gofriller Cello. This instrument leaps to life beneath your fingertips!

New Features for the Gofriller Cello
• Retriggering mode (when you release an overlapped note holding the first note down, the latter is played again). This mode, typical of synthesizers, was requested by users, and allows by the way for much more realistic trillos.
• Sull'altra corda mode
• Bichord portamento (widely used in real playing).
• Independent control of bow noise level.
• User controlled randomization of vibrato rate.

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