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Ultra Metal Drum Loops V1 AC
[ ] 10.06.2008, 09:21
These intense metal drum loops were recorded live at our newly constructed studio deep in the rain forests of British Columbia. We used a brand new Premiere APK Cabria Drum Kit with Sabian and Zildjian cymbals and a Pearl double kick pedal. Our unfinished live room gave us a sparkling ambience that really adds to the powerful energy of our resident metal drummer who gave the new Remo drum heads some serious punishment. The kick drum gives you the right amount of "click" to cut through heavy guitar riffs and the snare drum is crisp and punchy.
This loop pack offers a wealth of modern metal grooves, double pedal licks and thunderous fills which should add some real aggression and power to your metal or rock productions. Tempos range from 90 bpm to 175 bpm.
Категория: Music programs | Добавил: cjclan
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1 molfar  
большое спасибо,
но не качаетсо(( можно зеркальцо.

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